Software is eating the world.

Almost a decade later, those words are true today more than ever. A major difference, though, is that these words do not apply only to the software giants of Silicon Valley. 

Today, individual developers, freelancers, and small software companies are building products and services that serve businesses of all sizes globally. These creators and founders lack the backing of venture capital and manpower to power through the product development process. 

However, there is a pretty awesome alternative for those entrepreneurs who want to bootstrap their businesses while achieving sustainable growth of a quality product.

What is it, you ask? 

Heavy discounts and lifetime deals for early adopters who drive the early growth and roadmap of a product or service, while also acting as beta testers and ambassadors of the products – all at the same time. 

Early adoption and investing money into something that may turn out great is not something that everyone wants to do. But for those who are willing to invest thoughtfully into potentially great tools, the savings and returns can be similar to those of a multi-bagger stock.

Who we are

We are early adopters. Constant learners. Professional marketers. Experimenters. Growth hackers. 

We are always exploring how the latest tools and technology can enhance our own business or that of our readers. Keeping an eye out for potential SaaS deals is important to us, and we put more effort into actively keeping an eye on them. Consequently, we launched SaaS Beacon as a platform where we will be sharing information about tools and services that might prove useful to small business owners.

We hope to also gain insight from marketing experts who use online services to boost their business to new heights, and we will share all those tips with you along the way.

Who we are NOT:

We are not a shady coupon site or a spammer shoving deals at you. No spam. No hidden agenda. No BS. 

What we do:

We source deals from well known and reliable platforms arounds the web, and from our network of entrepreneurs in public and private groups and communities online. We review SaaS and software on a weekly basis, often the ones which are running deals.

We are hands-on investors in software products. We have invested in deals for hundreds of products and services for over 5 years now, and the pace of our investments is only increasing. Case in point, this site is almost entirely made with software deals we invested in. 

Check out our Built With page for details. 

On SaaS Beacon, you will be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who invest in software for the future growth of their businesses.