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Creating marketing emails that people actually read is a challenging task. Publishers, marketers, and curators need a tool to engage audiences and build trust. Curated ensures growth in audience reach by creating newsletters that streamline your workflow and maintain the quality of email content.

Curated allows you to build stunning email campaigns that subscribers will enjoy reading. It uses powerful analytics and customizes emails and newsletters to attract maximum engagement. Ascertaining audience reaction and serving them what they like, be rest assured to receive compliments with every new issue. 



Deal Highlights:

What’s included in the Curated Lifetime Deal?

  • 2000 subscribers per stack
  • Unlimited seats: Invite as many people as you’d like to collect links and work on your newsletter.
  • Unlimited publications: Every account comes with as many newsletter publications as you’d like to create.
  • Unlimited possibilities: Customize your design. Host a web version of your newsletter—on your domain or on Curated.
  • Frequency: Monthly, weekly, or even daily if you’d like to. Curated allows up to 31 sends every month per publication.
  • Audience Management
  • Sponsorship and Revenue Management
  • Quick Capture of links for curation
  • Powerful Analytics

Stacking details:

  • Stack up to 30 times
  • Each stack adds 2000 subscribers