Improve speed and quality of service with a unified inbox for customer support and manage all customer notifications and support requests in one place.


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Does your support team spend half their day logging in and out of social platforms to respond to different customers? Switch to Juphy and quickly respond to all your organization’s social messages, comments, and reviews in one single inbox. You no longer have to juggle questions, and support requests across platforms or fear missing important comments or messages that keep your customers from getting quality support. Improve speed and quality of customer service and talk to your teammates over Juphy to deliver the fastest solution to your customers on all communication platforms.

Juphy is a customer support tool that allows businesses to manage all their customer conversations and support requests on social media from one inbox. It is best for agencies to streamline customer support by managing multiple brands and channels in one unified place. You can also measure your customer support performance with actionable, easy-to-read reports based on your customer interaction data.


Deal highlights:

What’s included in the Juphy Lifetime Deal?

  • Unlimited history
  • 15 channels
  • 5 users
  • Stack up to 15 codes
  • Collaboration
  • GDPR compliant
  • All future Business Plan updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Stacking Details

– Juphy Double Plan for $118/lifetime
Added features

  • 30 channels
  • 10 users

– Juphy Multiple Plan for $177/lifetime (3 codes)
Added features


  • 45 channels
  • 15 users

Can stack up to a maximum of 15 codes