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Do you find LinkedIn Extensions difficult to understand? LinkHelp is the most powerful LinkedIn automation tool which is easy to use, safe and enables you to connect with people who are active on LinkedIn. You can create more than 15 targeting filters and indulge in social selling, lead generation, and email scraping with LinkHelp’s robust automation features.

Add targeted connections, send targeted messages, and engage with your network by liking, following, and endorsing. Auto-respond, extract data and analyze the performance of your campaigns and profile. LinkHelp is ideal for digital agencies, growth marketers, influencers, job seekers, and those aiming to increase sales and outreach. Get your hands on LinkHelp to expand your network quickly and become influential.


Deal highlights:

What’s included in the LinkHelp Lifetime Deal?

  • Add targeted connections
  • Send targeted messages
  • Message all connections with custom message + view profile + image
  • Message targeted users with custom message + view profile + image
  • Auto-respond messages
  • Endorse connection
  • Views connection
  • Like targeted post and comments
  • Follow connections
  • Campaign and analytics
  • Set safe daily limits based on the LinkedIn algorithm
  • Statistics support
  • Targeted campaign
  • Advanced targeting
  • Premium 24/7 support
  • Lifetime Updates and Support FREE