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The introduction of AMP in an email is about to change everything. This technology changes the way email works and provides a lot of scope to marketers for their campaigns. Now, your email campaigns will be personalized and a lot more fun. And, with the help of Mailmodo, you can do just that! Mailmodo creates and sends interactive emails to maximize conversions and reinvent your user journey. 

You get 3x more conversions with interactive AMP emails. The tool enables you to add web forms, calendar, cart & APIs inside your marketing emails so that your users can take action without leaving the inbox. Mailmodo uses AMP emails by Google to power unique email experiences. It is designed to help you leverage the power of AMP Emails for creating better user experience and simplifying email marketing setup.


Deal highlights:

What’s included in the Mailmodo Lifetime Deal?

  • 50,000 Email Sends/month
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Subscribers/Contacts
  • Unlimited Templates
  • AMP Email Editor
  • Bulk Email Sending
  • Automation, Transactional Email and Journey
  • All Integration
  • Custom SMTP (Own)
  • All Other Current Features
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Other Higher Tier Mailmodo Plans

– Mailmodo Plan for $98/lifetime
Added features

  • 100,000 Email Sends/month
  • 3 Custom Domains

– Mailmodo Plan for $147/lifetime
Added features

  • 250,000 Email Sends/month
  • 5 Custom Domains

– Mailmodo Plan for $196/lifetime
Added features

  • 500,000 Email Sends/month
  • 10 Custom Domains

– Mailmodo Plan for $245/lifetime
Added features

  • Unlimited Email Sends/month
  • Unlimited Custom Domains