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Creating and selling online courses, webinars, and memberships

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A Learning Management System(LMS) is essential for corporate training and many other purposes like creating webinars, memberships, courses, and digital downloads. The absence of an LMS can lead to duplication of courses, inefficient tracking and reporting, and difficulty in managing different user requirements.

Miholearn is a one-stop solution for creating and organizing courses and webinars that empowers digital businesses to go beyond their brick-and-mortar boundaries.



Deal highlights:

What’s included in the Miholearn lifetime deal?

  • Supports both cohort-based & self-paced course creation & sells
  • Has end-point Communication Integrations (WhatsApp & Telegram)
  • Inbuilt community to upsell your offerings
  • Supports multiple types of digital product sales
  • Create unlimited courses
  • Videos hosted on Vimeo

Miholearn LTD Plans:

  •  $49/lifetime
    • 1  Workspace
    • 30 GB monthly storage
    • Miho branding
  • $98/lifetime
    • 1  Workspace
    • 60 GB monthly storage
    • No branding
  • $147/lifetime
    • 2  Workspaces
    • 125 GB monthly storage
    • Memberships
    • Digital downloads without commission
    • Zapier and WhatsApp integration
    • Social Inbox
  • $198/lifetime
    • 3 Workspaces
    • 250 GB monthly storage
    • All above features
  • $245/lifetime
    • 5 Workspaces
    • 500 GB monthly storage
    • All above features


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