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Wondering how to grab more audience attention for your brand? Nexweave is the perfect next-generation engagement tool that boosts interaction with the help of individualized media. It serves truly personalized videos and images to every prospect through landing pages, emails, chatbots, and web banners. The robust tool is powered by real-time personalization even with emails and enables you to get up to 12X better engagement.

Nexweave creates interactive videos and images with individualistic and customized parameters using their editor. It plugs in interactive videos within personalized landing pages to get up to 8X conversions. So, get your hands on the software to boost engagement by 9X, engage better with your target audience, and improve landing page engagement. 


Deal highlights:

What’s included in the Nexweave Lifetime Deal?

  • 1,000 Credits per month
  • Upto 60 sec HD(720p) Video
  • 500 MB Media Storage
  • Upto 10 Campaigns
  • Single User

Stacking details:

  • Stack 2 codes for $118 and get 2000 credits per month
  • Stack 3 codes for $177 and get 7500 credits per month
  • Each stack increases all allowed limits.
  • You can stack a maximum of 25 codes