Nimbus Note

An organized home for all your documents, notes, bookmarks, ideas, and projects


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Meticulous note-taking is an art in itself. If you take notes all the time, Nimbus Note can help you level up your game. It enables you to organize all your notes, documents, projects, and decisions in one place while collaborating with your team. Transform information chaos from multiple sources into an organized workplace. Empower yourself or your team to get things done faster with less iterations and fewer meetings.

Nimbus Note is a comprehensive platform for keeping all work-related documents organized together. It is best for project managers, marketers, and creative teams on the lookout for a collaborative digital environment. The flexible information repository helps you simplify work and ensures you do not lose valuable details. 


Deal highlights:

What’s included in the Nimbus Note Lifetime Deal?

  • 10 Teammates
  • 50 Workspaces
  • 50 GB Storage
  • 1,500 OCR records
  • Stack up to 10 codes
  • All future Business Plan updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Stacking details:

Stack up to 10 codes:

  • Each code increases the limits on teammates, workspaces, storage and OCR records
  • Get unlimited workspaces with 10 codes