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Instagram posting has become the face for all the brands and content creators. Did you know you can leverage the power of an AI to enhance your posts? Predis enhances your post engagement by optimizing which hashtags to use, the best time to post, which media to use, and much more. The tool helps social media marketers write better posts and generate more post engagement using AI-based improvement suggestions and theme categorization. With the help of AI, you can decide better on critical aspects of Instagram posts such, as time & day of posting, ideal caption length, and right hashtags to use.

Predict before you post and craft better captions using the AI as it gives you the caption ideas. Predis enables you to understand what content is working for your competition and always put the most relevant hashtags. Know which post to publish with the engagement indicator and overcome writer’s block with endless AI-generated caption ideas.


Deal highlights:

What’s included in the Predis Lifetime Deal?

  • 1 Instagram Handle
  • 20 Daily Prediction Runs
  • 60 Hashtag Suggestions
  • 20 Content suggestions
  • 1 Competitor
  • Engagement Indicator
  • Best Time To Post
  • Ideal Caption
  • Filter Data By Time Range
  • Non-Stackable
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Higher Tier Plans

With the $99 plan, you get:

  • 3 Instagram Handle
  • 60 Daily Prediction Runs
  • 120 Hashtag Suggestions
  • 60 Content suggestions
  • 2 Competitors

With the $199 plan, you get:

  • 8 Instagram Handle
  • 100 Daily Prediction Runs
  • 120 Hashtag Suggestions
  • 60 Content suggestions
  • 5 Competitors