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Launch, analyze, optimize, and scale Facebook and Instagram ads faster with automation.


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Scaling  Facebook advertising campaigns isn’t the cakewalk it appears to be. If you are scaling your campaigns for the first time, you might encounter a bunch of issues like poor audience targeting, time-consuming lookalike audience creation, inability to identify ads with scaling potential at the right time, and many more. The number of problems is very high and it could result in ad spent wastage if the scaling isn’t profitable.

Scalify is a solution that helps you launch, optimize, analyze, and scale Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns with automation. An intuitive user interface, dynamic workflow, and a helpful support team will help you make your scaling profitable in no time.


Deal highlights:

What’s included in the Scalify lifetime deal?

  • 1 Instagram Handle
  • 20 Daily Prediction Runs
  • 60 Hashtag Suggestions
  • 20 Content suggestions
  • 1 Number of Competitor
  • Engagement Indicator
  • Best Time To Post
  • Ideal Caption
  • Filter Data By Time Range
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Higher tier plans:

  • $97/lifetime – $25,000 in ad spend/month
  • $145/lifetime – $50,000 in ad spend/month
  • $197/lifetime – $200,000 in ad spend/month


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