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We visit a vast number of websites and a gazillion pages over a long time period. Often, we come across pages we would like to save to come back and read them later. This is where bookmarks come in – they help us mark these pages for future reading. However, some of us may be tempted to use less number of bookmarks to avoid clutter.

Superdense is a bookmarking tool that acts as storage for your bookmarks. You can save bookmarks from all the browsers you use in different categories. Superdense also provides cool icon identifiers to assign to these categories. You can also design a custom bookmark of your choice using this tool.


Deal highlights:

What’s included in the Superdense Lifetime Deal?

  • Unlimited bookmarks
  • Unlimited categories
  • Public Page Bio
  • Custom Themes
  • Team Management
  • Custom icon creation
  • Public profile sharing
  • Future Updates & Integrations of the respective plan are included
  • 60 days refund policy

Superdense LTD: Stacking Details

  • $19/lifetime 
    • 1 code
    • 1 user
  • $38/lifetime 
    • 2 codes
    • 5 team members
  • $57/lifetime
    • 3 codes
    • 25 team members
    • Custom Domains
    • Custom Branding
  • $76/lifetime 
    • 4 codes
    • 50 team members
  • $95/lifetime 
    • 5 codes
    • 100 team members