Save everything in one place: Facebook ads, full page screenshots, Instagram, YouTube, Kindle highlights and more


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Do you have 1000s of web pages, screenshots, video clips, and other files saved as bookmarks with sub-folders followed by sub-sub folders within it? Get your hands on SwipeBucket and swipe, save, and organize everything in one place. Be it Facebook ads, full-page screenshots, Instagram, YouTube, Kindle highlights, or anything else from the internet; the useful tool is a one-stop solution for keeping all web content in one place.

Get daily email reminders of your saved items and also for the ones that were saved years ago but long-forgotten. Highlight any important text, save with one click, and customize your account the way you want. Create unlimited buckets, name them, organize them and easily find them later. Save new content or access any saved items on any device, anytime.


Deal highlights:

What’s included in the SwipeBucket Lifetime Deal?

  • 1 User
  • 5 GB Cloud Space and + 5 GB additional as an Early Bird Buyer
  • Unlimited Notes and Social Saves
  • Unlimited Buckets and Tags
  • Unlimited Import and Save for Kindle Highlights
  • Unlimited Highlights/Text Saves
  • Unlimited Swipes and Screenshots
  • Unlimited Saved URLs
  • Unlimited Stacking 
  • Future Updates to the SwipeBucket Starter Plan
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

Stacking Details

Unlimited Stacking ~ For every additional code, get +1 User and 5+5 GB Cloud Space